What is Kansas Health Information Network?
Kansas Health Information Network is the new private health information network in Kansas created to allow connected physicians, healthcare facilities and other healthcare providers to share patient information. As a result of establishing the network, participants will have access to powerful analytic reports designed to help improve patient encounters and clinical outcomes while also empowering physicians as they transition to the new alternative payment models involving quality reporting, advancing care information, clinical practice improvements and resource use. KaMMCO Health Solutions (KHS) have partnered to offer the aforementioned products and services across the state.

When will Kansas Health Information Network be live?
From an organizational development perspective, the work has been underway for several months. As the only provider-led health information network in the state, an advisory committee began meeting in early August to discuss relevant policies and to establish pricing structures for both members and non-members. The technology solution will be ready for participants to begin the integration process this fall. 
Who will benefit from this new venture in Kansas?
Patients, physicians, healthcare facilities and other healthcare providers across the state, especially the members of the KHIN, will realize the benefits of such a forward-thinking endeavor. While using connectivity to improve patient point-of care encounters, this partnership will empower Kansas physicians as they transition to the new models of healthcare delivery, quality reporting, and performance-based payments. Once again, KHIN has positioned itself to lead the way.
How will this HIE be different than what is established in Kansas now?
The KHS partnership is a physician-led effort with an advisory committee comprised of physician leaders. This physician-led approach which will build upon a proven model for the development of the technical infrastructure necessary to enable the sharing of clinical information at the point of care, while supporting value based payment models, care management, and data analytics that will ultimately, transform healthcare delivery across the country. There is not another HIE in Kansas now that is delivering actionable intelligence such as this to its participants.
The Kansas Health Information Network will work collaboratively with the already established RHIOs across to state to help make interoperability a reality in Kansas.
How is this financed?
The network, including the data sharing technology infrastructure and business intelligence reporting capabilities, is built on a low cost subscription model.  The unique factors in the Kansas Health Information Network equation which help keep the fees reasonable are two-fold -- the physician-led approach which ensures physician needs are at the forefront of the KHIN effort, combined with the KHS leadership team who all played key roles in the development and continued success of the Kansas Health Information Network. As a result of the unique KHS partnership, KHS will call upon the already proven technology partner relationships, integration protocols, and project team expertise to deliver the products at a reasonable expense in Kansas.   
Who should interested physicians or groups contact to learn more?
Those who would like to learn more about this new partnership and the participant benefits should contact Laura McCrary of KaMMCO Health Solutions at 800.435.2104.

Call us at 877.520.5446 to learn more and get connected today!

About KaMMCO Health Solutions, Inc (KHS)
Kansas Health Information Network is a member of the KaMMCO Health Solutions Network. KaMMCO Health Solutions, Inc. (KHS) is a provider-led subsidiary of the Kansas Medical Mutual Insurance Company, KaMMCO, a medical professional liability insurer affiliated with the Kansas Medical Society. KHS’ provider-led approach uniquely positions it to help physicians, other healthcare providers, integrated delivery networks, accountable care organizations, and others seeking to improve patient outcomes and adapt to new performance-based payment models through the use of data analytics and business intelligence tools.

To learn more about KHS, visit www.kammcohealthsolutions.com.