HQIC Program

In an effort to support rural, critical access, and other hospitals serving vulnerable populations, Alliant Health Solutions (AHS) has been awarded a Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Hospital Quality Improvement Contract (HQIC).  Hospitals across the country have been identified by CMS as eligible to receive federally-funded assistance through the HQIC program.  In partnership with AHS, the Kansas Foundation for Medical Care (KFMC) will serve as the local quality improvement partner supporting Kansas hospitals in this important work.  Additionally, KFMC and AHS have partnered with the Kansas Health Information Network (KHIN) to support the participating hospitals access to the KHIN analytic toolkit and AcuteAlerts.

What You Need To

The 4-year project will support participating hospitals in identifying goals, establishing benchmarks, and using technology and data to develop and track new protocols which achieve measurable improvements in high-priority healthcare improvement projects.  KFMC will provide the boots-on-the-ground support to hospitals to achieve project goals.  KFMC has decades of experience and access to a multi-disciplinary team of clinical and performance improvement specialists to support you in this improvement effort.  KFMC understands the challenging conditions hospitals face and is well-equipped to assist Kansas hospitals.  Our team of quality improvement advisors live and work in Kansas, have experience working in Kansas hospitals, and understand the unique challenges facing Kansas hospitals today.  Additionally, to support participants in accessing real-time data to support improvement, participating hospitals will utilize a customized analytics dashboard and AcuteAlerts through KHIN.  These tools will  be provided to support participating hospitals in achieving the HQIC program goals and meeting Medicare and Medicaid Conditions of Participation (CoP) Electronic Patient Event Notification requirements (CMS-9115-F, 42 CFR 482.24(d))

The success of this initiative will require the support of hospital leadership to commit to meaningful improvement efforts in the following areas:

  • Reducing opioid related adverse events, including death
  • Increase patient safety and reduce all-cause harm, including adverse drug events, C. difficile and avoidable readmissions
  • Supporting sustainable quality improvement through continuous collection, evaluation and analysis of data related to quality measures

By joining this project, your hospital will have access to:

  • Tools and resources to enable you to excel in your quality improvement efforts
  • Education, technical assistance, coaching, and support
  • Customized resources to engage, train, and build competency for your staff
  • Access to on-demand analytics dashboard and data reports showing performance over time with applicable benchmarks to guide care delivery
  • AcuteAlerts, an alerting product that will notify primary care, behavioral health and post-acute care providers if their patients are admitted to the hospital.   

The Participation Agreement provides additional details, including the responsibility of KFMC/Alliant Health Solutions and partnering hospitals.  We understand this project will require commitment and hard work from your staff and we thank you in advance for your consideration of this opportunity.   To sign up to participate, to learn more about this project opportunity or to check on your hospital’s eligibility to participate, please contact information@khinonline.org or Dana Thompson at dthompson@kfmc.org. Again, there is no cost associated with participation, but project spots are limited so contact us today! Interested participants may also complete the attached participation agreement and email the completed form to Alliant Health Solutions at hospitalquality@alliantquality.org.

Download & complete the Participation Agreement


About Alliant Health Solutions: Alliant Quality, the quality improvement services group of Alliant Health Solutions, is a successful CMS contractor with a national footprint serving public and private customers in 12 states. With decades of experience and access to hundreds of clinical specialists, Alliants company size allows us to provide personalized customer service and adapt to customer needs—all while putting patients first. We work collaboratively and combine strong data analytics with our clinical specialists and local improvement partners to give context to the data while eliminating silos typically found on health care data teams. Alliant Health Solutions helps make health care better by providing services that make health care safer and more effective.

About KFMC: The Kansas Foundation for Medical Care is a not-for-profit consulting organization focused on improving healthcare quality and has served as the state-based QIO designated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) since the program's national inception, either as the prime contractor or a subcontractor partner. KFMC is also the External Quality Review Organization (EQRO) and Independent Review Organization (IRO) for the state of Kansas. In addition, we contract with many private companies to provide health information technology (HIT) consulting services, quality improvement and review services. We work with healthcare providers and organizations to develop ways to improve the use of HIT and the quality of healthcare provided to all healthcare consumers.