KONZA National Network’s Qualified Health Information Network (QHIN) Application Accepted

KONZA National Network announced today that their application to be a designated Qualified Health Information Network (QHIN) is complete and has been accepted for review by...

KONZA National Network Announces Karla Mills as New Chief Operating Officer

Today, KONZA National Network announced that Karla Mills has been appointed as the company’s new Chief Operating Officer.

Dr. Claude Brunson Appointed to KONZA National Network’s Board of Directors

KONZA National Network today announced the appointment of Claude Brunson, MD as the newest member to their Board of Directors.

Kansas Health Information Network Among Latest to Earn Validated Data Stream Designation in New NCQA Data Aggregator Validation Program

The Kansas Health Information Network, Inc. dba KONZA announced today that it has earned the Validated Data Stream designation in the new National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Data Aggregator Validation program. It is part...

KONZA Among First to Earn Validated Data Stream Designation in New NCQA Program

The Kansas Health Information Network, Inc. dba KONZA announced today that it has earned the Validated Data Stream designation in the new National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Data Aggregator Validation program. KONZA is part...

KONZA Launches new Product, Translate, to assist Physician Practices with COVID-19 Lab Reporting

As a recipient of the STAR HIE Program the Kansas Health Information Network, Inc. dba KONZA is focusing on effectively responding to the COVID-19 pandemic...

KONZA Achieves EHNAC Health Information Exchange Accreditation

Accreditation ensures adherence to health data processing standards and compliance with security infrastructure and integrity requirements

Patients want to download their own health data, report shows

With compliance requirements for ONC's info blocking rule just around the corner, a poll from Pew Charitable Trusts finds a big appetite for patient access, and widespread support for providers to do better information sharing between EHR systems.

State HIE News and Updates

State Health Information Exchanges (HIE) come in all shapes and sizes but have one thing in common:

Patients Vastly Unaware of Insurers’ Access to Online Health Data

Reports show health insurers routinely scour public and private sources for consumer generated health data.

HIE Rundown

Health Information Exchange (HIE) is happening every minute of every day. Your personal health information...

Addressing security challenges presented by HIEs

Panelists at the ONC Tech Forum on Monday advised mapping the functions of health information exchanges to "confidentiality, integrity and availability."

Data Sharing During COVID-19

Season 1, Ep. 7: Laura McCrary, Ed.D. President and CEO, KONZA. Topic: Data Sharing During COVID-19

Interoperability groups are evolving, expanding during COVID-19

Leaders from CommonWell Health Alliance, DirectTrust and Quality Health Network offered updates on their pandemic response during a recent HIMSS20 Digital event.

KONZA electronically connects ALL health information exchanges in Kansas and Missouri

KONZA is pleased to announce new network connections in Kansas and Missouri which complete the
health information exchange network in the two states.

KONZA & Diameter Health Technology to Deliver Actionable Patient Information

Leading Nationwide Health Information Network to Reduce Physician Burden and Improve Patient Care with Clean Clinical Data

KONZA announces partnership with SacValley MedShare

KONZA and SacValley MedShare announced a partnership to deliver analytic services derived from health information exchange data to hospitals and providers across the Northern...

Electronic Health Information Exchange and HIPAA

Under the HIPAA Privacy Rule, the use or disclosure of protected health information (PHI) is permitted for treatment purposes. Electronic health information exchange – a method of data transmission allowing healthcare professionals and patients to access and secure PHI electronically –

SHINE of Missouri health information exchange announces addition of Prime Healthcare

SHINE of Missouri health information exchange announces addition of Prime Healthcare to improve care coordination and patient experiences in the Kansas City regional area

KONZA, Inc. Expands Nationwide Exchange of Health Data

with Connections to Atrium Health CareConnect and Greater New Orleans Health Information Exchange

Why Should Anyone Care About Health Data Interoperability?

This piece is part of the series “The Health Data Goldilocks Dilemma: Sharing? Privacy? Both?” which explores whether it’s possible to advance interoperability while maintaining privacy.

KHIN and MinuteClinic Nationwide Data Connection

The Kansas Health Information Network (KHIN) and its subsidiary KAMMCO Health Solutions (KHS) announced today they have completed a secure electronic connection allowing the seamless...

How KHIN is Evolving its Information-Sharing Business Model

Leaders at the Kansas Health Information Network believe that HIEs’ historical methods to create value for their members will soon be outdated.

Missouri Health Connection, KHIN, SHINE of Missouri Finalize Data Sharing Agreement

Bringing resolution to a much needed issue for health data sharing in the Midwest, Missouri Health Connection (MHC) and the Kansas Health Information Network (KHIN) [and its subsidiary KAMMCO Health Solutions (KHS) dba SHINE] executed a comprehensive data...

The HIE ‘Differential’: How KHIN is Evolving its Information-Sharing Business Model

Leaders at the Kansas Health Information Network believe that HIEs’ historical methods to create value for their members will soon be outdated

HIEs Consider Joining Ambitious ONC Health Data Exchange Framework

CORHIO, IHIE, and CliniSync are ready to take on the challenges of participating in the new ONC health data exchange framework.

3 ways a community HIE can help boost your practice’s revenue

Recent research points to how community health information exchanges (HIEs) help reduce the cost of care, improve patient safety and decrease utilization and duplication. However, one potential benefit...

HIEs Proving Their Value in Face of COVID-19 Pandemic

The importance of exchanging data for care coordination is only heightened during a health crisis

Why Healthcare Is Warming Up to Cloud-Based Security Solutions

Simplified workflow is among the many benefits organizations are coming to expect.

The Physicians Foundation Announces Interoperability Fund to Improve HIE in Six States

The Physicians Foundation, in association with six state medical societies, today announced the formation of the first of its kind interoperability fund...

How to Assess the Security of Hospital IoT

Unguarded and lacking a common playbook for security, the internet of things presents plenty of new network challenges.

HHS Announces Next Steps in Advancing Interoperability of Health Information

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) today issued for public comment draft 2 of the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA) that will

Interoperability Was 'A Huge Fight' 20 Years Ago

A quick look back at the competing specs for clinical coding and data exchange gives a glimpse of the some of the challenges still ongoing today.

Implementation Best Practices: The Keys to Launching an EHR

Four experts offer healthcare CIOs and other executives and health IT workers crucial advice for successfully getting electronic health records up and running.

ONC Chief Don Rucker on the Current State and 'Next Frontier' of Interoperability

The National Coordinator talks 21st Century Cures, information blocking, Apple, consumerism, FHIR, open APIs and new business models he sees emerging amid the "overarching theme of human choice and freedom and dignity."

Implementation Best Practices: Migrating to the Cloud

Four experts in healthcare cloud computing offer CIOs and other health IT workers who are starting – or maintaining – cloud migrations some well-rounded advice.

Implementation Best Practices: Getting Healthcare Analytics Right

Four experts in analytics offer key suggestions for starting with the technology at a provider organization. Current analytics users also can learn from these tips.

Health Information Exchanges May Remedy Long Emergency Stays

Study Shows Hospitals Can Cut Length of Stay When They Adopt Technology That Provides Patient Data

Mobile Devices Boost Patient and Clinician Satisfaction

From entertainment to early warnings, smartphones, tablets and mobile computers improve communication and care at healthcare organizations.

HIMSS19: Top Takeaways From the Health IT Show

Info-blocking ruled the day, while APIs, FHIR, artificial intelligence and virtual reality were also prominent themes at this year’s Global Conference.

Can Biometrics for Patient Matching Advance Interoperability?

Pew’s director of HIT Ben Moscovitch says consumers prefer biometrics, notably fingerprinting, facial recognition and iris scans, for a unique identifier.

DirectTrust Ceo on Why Direct Messaging Should Replace the Fax Machine

Healthcare organizations are increasingly using Direct secure messaging for use cases beyond transitions of care, including release of information, communication with payers and communicating with registries.

IT execs see rising need to achieve interoperability

In testimony before the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health, Rucker graded the nation’s interoperability at, well, less than average.

HIMSS19 pre-conference events

In specialty forums in Orlando, Healthcare IT News and its sister brands will be co-hosting in-depth sessions on today’s hottest health IT trends and topics.

Top Three 2019 Healthcare Cybersecurity Trends

In recent months, the healthcare industry has been the number one target of cyberattacks, exposing tens of millions of customers’ identities around the world, costing more than $1 billion USD in losses.

KAMMCO Develops New Tool to Assist Healthcare Providers Combatting Opioid Epidemic

Building upon its commitment to quality and patient safety, KAMMCO released a new Opioid/Controlled Substances dashboard for physicians, hospitals...

HHS details strategy to reduce burden of electronic health records

In addition to increasing economic costs through redundant data entry, this lack of true interoperability increases...

Harnessing Early Adopters in Health IT

Early adopters understand the triumphs and trials of health IT implementation, and are willing to take a calculated risk.

93% of MIPS Eligible Clinicians Earned Federal Incentives in 2017

New data from CMS shows 93 percent of MIPS eligible clinicians earned positive payment adjustments for their 2017 performance.

KHIN Expands Health Information Exchange with New Participant

Saint Luke’s Health System will now have the ability to engage in health information exchange through KHIN.

2019 Quality Payment Program Final Rule Pushes 2015 Edition CEHRT

Year 3 of the Quality Payment Program requires MIPS eligible clinicians to use 2015 CEHRT in the 2019 performance period.

7 Health Information Exchanges Connect to Military Health System

Seven physician-led health information exchanges now contribute patient EHRs to the Military Health System with help from eHealth Exchange.

Saint Luke’s Health System Joins KHIN Health Information Exchange

The faith-based, not-for-profit health system with a significant presence in Kansas and Missouri includes...

KAMMCO Collaboration With MHS to Deliver Critical Health Information Across the Globe

On August 30, the Military Health System (MHS) added critical medical information from seven physician-led health...

CMS responds to data breach affecting 75,000 in federal ACA portal

Open enrollment, which begins November 1, will not be negatively impacted, CMS says.

FDA, DHS to increase collaboration on medical device security and framework

While the two federal agencies have worked together on vulnerability disclosures in the past, a new memorandum of agreement will improve coordination.

National Health IT Week 2018: Here’s what was said on social media

Technology was critical but so, too, were the personal and patient-centric stories shared on Twitter.

Health Information Exchanges Prepare for Patient Displacement as Hurricane Michael Gains Steam

Recent storms, including Hurricane Harvey in Texas, Irma in Puerto Rico and Florence in North Carolina, have helped HIEs refine their approach.

New Military Health System Collaboration with KHIN To Deliver Critical Health Information

On August 30, the Military Health System (MHS) added the Kansas Health Information Network (KHIN) to its increasing health information exchange...

State Medical Societies Collaborate to Impact Healthcare Disparities Through Utilization of Health Information Exchange Data

Seven state medical societies announced the creation of the Health Equity Network for Change (HENC) which is focused on improving the health status of medically...

KHIN is the Solution to #killthefax

In medical facilities throughout the country, physicians, nurses, and staff are placing medical records in a tray, dialing a number...

Study Published in Applied Clinical Informatics Based on Kansas Health Information Network Data

Applied Clinical Informatics recently published “Using Clinical Data Standards to Measure Quality: A New Approach,” a peer reviewed article based on a study utilizing data from the Kansas Health Information Network (KHIN), one of the largest health information exchanges in the nation with over 10,000 providers and almost 6 million patients.

Fax machines can be hacked to breach a network, using only its number

While CMS Administrator Seema Verma called for the end of fax machine use by 2020, new Check Point research found a hacker could steal data from a flaw in the fax protocol.

CMS: Providers Should Get Rid of Fax Machines by 2020

As part of a larger strategy to encourage interoperable systems, Verma said that providers will experience reimbursement reductions if they don’t provide patients...

A Letter to Doctors from CMS Administrator Seema Verma

Thank you for the difference you make in your patients’ lives. Many of our nation’s best and brightest students go into medicine...

Using Clinical Data Standards to Measure Quality: A New Approach

The purpose of quality measurement is to evaluate the care quality delivered to the patient.

Return on Investment for Health Information Exchange Participation

What is the return on investment (ROI) for participating in a health information exchange (HIE)? 

Easier Medical Record Access Is Key to Ideal Patient Journey

A chief medical information officer suggests that giving people easier access to their medical information is one way to improve the patient experience.

What are Potential Benefits, Challenges of HIE Use?

The push for nationwide interoperability and improved health data exchange have increased HIE use, which can create advantages and difficulties for providers.

Community HIEs outperform enterprise exchanges in savings and healthcare utilization, study finds

New research found that community HIEs produce better results when it comes to reducing both costs and the use of unnecessary services.

Docs tell CMS that they need relief from MIPS reporting

In a letter to CMS Administrator Seema Verma, the organizations call for the agency to reduce the quality measure reporting period for MIPS...

With TEFCA Looming, HIE Leaders Discuss Changing Business Models

Regional health information exchanges are not an endangered species. That was the message from a panel of HIE leaders at the 2018 State Healthcare IT...

Electronic access to patient info a struggle, physician survey finds

Making sure providers have up-to-date and comparative information about drug prices and insurance coverage could help to rein in U.S. drug costs...

Newman Regional Health Providers Improve Care and Revenue Using KHIN and PTN

Newman Regional Health (NRH), a 25-bed critical access hospital in Emporia, understands the benefits derived from a collaborative working relationship with the Kansas Health Information Network (KHIN).

Do Apple's recent hospital deals signal industry shakeup ahead?

Obama-era officials David Blumenthal and Aneesh Chopra say yes.

HIMSS18 cybersecurity recap: Threat sharing and the need for boardroom priority

From Google to NIH, the message was clear at the annual health IT conference: Hospitals need to make cybersecurity a budget priority and tackle security as a team.

Health Plan Leaders Discuss HIE Data and the Value Proposition for Payers

As health information exchange (HIE) organizations continue to evolve, HIE leaders are focused on expanding services and providing data analytics and business...

Demonstrating the Value of the Health Information Exchange through Qualitative Research

Executives share groundbreaking research on the use of longitudinal patient information to improve quality reporting at HIMSS 2018

Health Data Exchange, Interoperability Major HIMSS18 Focal Points

The HIMSS18 Conference and Exhibition is set to help healthcare professionals tackle serious challenges related to health data exchange and interoperability

A guide to revenue cycle education at HIMSS18

The revenue cycle is changing as hospitals look to adapt financial services, tech-wise, and here are some sessions happening at HIMSS18 to learn best practices.


Physicians Leaving Profession Over EHRs

Until recently, most doctors created their own workflows and utilized only the technology they were comfortable using.

KHIN and KDHE Collaborate to Distribute Over $4 Million In Support of Statewide HIE Participation

Striving to achieve a collaborative healthcare system in Kansas, the Kansas Health Information Network (KHIN) and the Kansas Department of Health & Environment (KDHE) distributed more than $4 Million in 2016-17.

KaMMCO’s New QCDR Approval Eases CMS Quality Reporting Burden for Physicians

Physicians and clinicians in Kansas and across the nation have a trusted choice when reporting key components of the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)

eClinicalworks to Show off Precision Medicine, AI Features for EHR at HIMSS18

The cloud-based electronic health record vendor will be showing new features and functionalities that CEO Girish Navani says make the software smarter so it helps doctors.

Technology with Behavioral Insight Data Can Improve Outcomes for Patients

Penn Medicine’s David Asch, MD, believes there are good examples in the retail market that can be applied to healthcare.

How your health care will be reshaped in 2018

Let's take a step back from the minute-by-minute onslaught and take stock more broadly of the big, overarching trends that will animate this year in health policy.

When It Comes To Sharing Patient Information, Can You Do it Securely?

The healthcare IT systems used to collect, store and share confidential patient information are under constant attack.

Three Areas Cited as Places to Start Future-Proofing for Precision Medicine

HIMSS Analytics survey indicates focus on Infrastructure, funding and human capital.

Diameter Health Achieves NCQA Certification for All 2017 eMeasures

The NCQA eMeasure certification program is designed for companies that develop quality-measure reporting software that calculates quality measures using electronic clinical data.

KHS to Deliver Statewide HIE, Analytics, and Patient Engagement Tools in Seven States

Physicians and healthcare professionals nationwide are in the midst of unparalleled industry transformation. Successful adoption of the new performance-based delivery and payment models...

Cybersecurity: Design Systems Around Employee Workflows

Marin General has seen a 50 percent reduction in system vulnerabilities and 100 percent participation in staff security awareness efforts -- just by building a system designed for the humans who use it.

Program to Collect Data from Fitbit Wearables

The program will distribute Fitbit devices to a representative sample of All of Us participants for a one-year study to determine its use on a larger scale in the program.

EHR Fatigue Has Frustrated Doctors Looking to Cut Clinical Hours

New AMA report finds the weight of technology and administrative burdens is creeping into time physicians need for patient care.

eClinicalWorks Helps Providers Coordinate Care Across Practices to Improve Patient Safety

The goal of the organization is to improve care for individual Medicare Fee-for-Service patients and the community while keeping health costs in mind.

What’s Going on During National Health IT Week?

From October 2 through October 6, stakeholders — including Congress, the Administration, nonprofits and providers — reflect on the value of health IT and raise awareness of its significance.

Hurricanes Should Serve as HIE Wake-Up Call

he devastating hurricanes that have brought destruction and death to Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and Puerto Rico should serve as a sobering reminder to healthcare providers that disaster can strike at any time.

Researchers say HIEs could save Medicare billions each year

An analysis of Medicare spending shows notable savings in areas of the country that have an operational health information exchange (HIE).

Essential Elements for a Hacker-Proof Healthcare Cybersecurity Strategy

Strategic objective, strict vendor scrutiny and board involvement, just a few cybersecurity crucial points according to experts

Hospital Impact – To Improve Patient Engagement, Leverage the Power of Digital Content

Patients engaged in medical care may lead to improved health, better experience with physician or facility

"Patients’ perception of care trending up ‘across the board," says Press Ganey CMO Thomas Lee

Healthcare quality improvements working, patients perception of care improving too

Study: 9 in 10 Hospitals, Health Systems Making Major Patient Engagement Investments

Digital patient engagement tools helps engage, educate and empower patients, family members

BREAKING: CMS releases Quality Payment Program proposed rule for 2018

Estimated nearly two-thirds eligible Medicare clinicians will be exempt from MIPS in 2018

Digital health has hit an inflection point, says famed investor Mary Meeker

Healthcare is on the cusp of faster innovation cycles which will improve care delivery.

Roadmap To Cost Savings By Improving Care Variation

Healthcare providers can reduce wasteful spending by following common clinical based guidelines

Underserved populations benefit from health technology, innovation

Information technology showing great promise in reducing disparities in underserved populations.

New CMS Proposed Rule to Reduce Hospital EHR Data Reporting

New CMS proposed rule intended to reduce hospital eCQM reporting requirements

As care transitions are more critical, good tech is essential

Technology has created a new era of care transition, empowering the post-acute sector.

Top Ten Tech Trends 2017: Moving Learning Health System from Concept to Reality

The potential of big data is starting to become a reality at some of the leading health systems in the country.

Analytics Dashboard Demonstrations Offered to KHIN Members

Kansas healthcare professionals will have their first opportunity to attend a demonstration of KaMMCO Health Solutions’ (KHS) innovative suite of analytic products and services on January 24 or January 25. Attendees will discover the resources they will need as they transition to the new era of Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) and other Alternative Payment Models (APMs) related to MACRA.

Equipping Physicians for the Shift to Quality Payment Programs: Employing data analytics to empower physicians and enhance patient care

Click here to get more details and download the brochure