New Military Health System Collaboration with KHIN To Deliver Critical Health Information

On August 30, the Military Health System (MHS) added the Kansas Health Information Network (KHIN) to its increasing health information exchange efforts. Military hospitals and clinics now can quickly and securely access patients’ personal health information 24/7 from KHIN, the Kansas physician-led health information exchange.

“The MHS cares for 9.4 million beneficiaries, delivering care globally in military hospitals and clinics and providing coordinated, integrated care through civilian networks,” said Kimberly Heermann-Do, Health Information Exchange Office Lead in the EHR Modernization Program Management Office.
Heermann-Do added, “Through health information exchanges (HIEs), records are available from the private sector if the HIE is onboarded to the MHS. Having access to records from patients that are part of the KHIN will assist MHS providers with clinical decisions.”
Laura McCrary, KHIN executive director said, “KHIN holds patient information for more than 6 million patients, nearly 10,000 providers and has been servicing the State of Kansas for nearly a decade. Being able to deliver lab results or health history for a serviceman across the globe is a privilege. We are proud the MHS can query our HIE and effectively use the clinical data they access.”

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About Kansas Health Information Network (KHIN)
KHIN’s mission is to improve healthcare quality, coordination and efficiency through the exchange of health information at the point of care utilizing a secure electronic network provided by a collaboration of healthcare organizations. KHIN is a provider-led 501(c)3. Its goals are to ensure providers, patients and communities have long-term access to cost effective, sustainable health information exchange aligned with costs distributed across a broad user base. It also encourages and removes barriers so communities and regions can focus on quality improvement, patient centered medical home and entrepreneurial strategies that effect local health outcomes. For more information, visit
Kansas Health Information Network

Contact: Lisa Ignoto
KAMMCO Vice President Marketing and Business Development