SHINE of Missouri health information exchange announces addition of Prime Healthcare

Prime Healthcare, including Providence Medical Center, Saint John Hospital, St. Mary’s Medical Center, St. Joseph Medical Center, and St. Joseph Medical Center Provider Practices, is the newest addition to the list of healthcare participants now sending and receiving health data through the SHINE of Missouri health information exchange on the KONZA health information network. Prime Healthcare is one of the nation’s leading hospital systems with a significant presence in the Kansas City regional area, including hospitals and campuses, primary care practices, inpatient, emergency, outpatient care, and rehabilitation facilities.

SHINE of Missouri, as part of the nationwide KONZA health information network, makes possible the seamless transfer of patients’ health records among physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers. This reduces treatment delays, enhances clinical decision making, and improves care coordination. SHINE provides a longitudinal medical record that is updated electronically in near real-time, and as patients move between healthcare providers, their medical records are electronically available to their physicians. Also, patients are empowered by access to the same information through a free personal health record portal.

"We are dedicated to providing our patients with access to high quality, safe and effective care,” said Karen Orr, CEO of Providence Medical Center. “Being able to securely and seamlessly share patient data helps with the delivery of better coordinated and connected care to improve health outcomes."

Laura McCrary, Ed.D, President and CEO, KONZA, commends the effort to connect, “We are very proud to have the Prime Healthcare hospitals and clinics as part of the KONZA network through SHINE of Missouri. It is an honor to partner with a health system that touches as many lives as Prime Healthcare does and to support their mission to provide the very best patient care possible in the Kansas City area.”

About SHINE of Missouri
SHINE of Missouri is a physician-led health information exchange delivered in partnership with the Missouri State Medical Association. It offers a suite of health information technology tools to help health professionals share patient information, as well as powerful analytic reports designed to help improve clinical outcomes, reduce inefficiencies, and positively impact patient safety.

About KONZA, Inc.
KONZA is a nationwide health information network that is deeply committed to connecting healthcare providers and facilities, patients, health plans, and technology partners. The KONZA network organizes healthcare data into actionable intelligence capable of driving healthcare transformation. KONZA supports over 8,000 healthcare organizations across the United States, as well as active-duty military personnel stationed overseas. For more information, visit

About Prime Healthcare
Prime Healthcare is an award-winning national hospital system with 45 acute-care hospitals and more than 100 outpatient locations providing nearly 40,000 jobs in 14 states. Fifteen of the hospitals are not-for-profit and members of the Prime Healthcare Foundation, a 501(c)3 public charity. Based in California and one of the largest hospital systems in the country, Prime Healthcare is committed to ensuring access to quality healthcare. Prime Healthcare and its hospitals have been recognized as among the “100 Top Hospitals” in the nation 47 times and among the “15 Top Health Systems” three times. Learn more about Prime Healthcare and its dedication to delivering the highest standards of care at

KONZA & SHINE of Missouri Contact:
Jacqueline Grunau
Marketing Coordinator